In 1845, a gentleman named Benjamin Wood bought some land from the town of Weston and built a beautiful two story, federal style home. Through the years, the house changed owners several times - one was David Holladay, who lived in the home until the late 1800's. It is believed that he lived at the house and ran the distillery that he and his brother founded, while his brother, Ben, ventured west and gained fame from the Overland Stagecoach Company.​

In the 1930's, the Wood's home was converted into a boarding house. Quite often, due to the inexpensive rent, newlyweds occupied the apartments. As time passed, many of these young couples conceived and had their children while living here. Consequently, the townspeople coined the phrase "The Hatchery" for the "hatching" of the babies.​


The present day innkeepers, Drew and Janelle MacDonnell, have named each room after someone, who has had a significant part, present or past, in this marvelous antebellum home. They have filled each room with antiques and remodeled each guest room to be inviting, relaxing and tranquil. You can enjoy fireplaces, in-room Jacuzzi bathtubs, Hatchery House blend coffee, local wine for our happy hours on Fridays and Saturdays, and scents from the candle shop. You are invited to come experience the romance, warmth, and tranquility of both The Hatchery House and Weston, Missouri.