Bike Around The Bend

608 Market Street

Weston, MO 64098



Bike Around the Bend is a small family business housed in a little blue cottage just off historic Weston’s Main Street.  We offer high-quality recreational bikes for visitors ages 10-100 to enjoy the beautiful Weston South Bluff Trail, an easy ride around historic Weston, or a challenging ride out North Bluff Trail and over the hilly roads of greater Weston.


Our family has enjoyed riding the Bluff trails for years and we love to share the beauty and charm of Weston. Come on in and we can set you up on the ride of your choice, then you can return to enjoy our deck and meadow. Pack your own picnic (we’ll keep it cold for you) or purchase one of our novelty drinks or ice cream treats while you toss a Frisbee, try your luck at horseshoes, or just enjoy a shady spot to rest. Don’t rush off. We hope you’ll stay a while.



You probably know bicycling is a fun way to exercise. It is not hard to believe that it improves your health each and every time you hop on a bike and start to pedal. In fact, points out eight different ways bicycling makes you healthier, stronger and smarter too. 

But did you know biking is also one of the best ways to really experience a place? Tourists have long known that cycling in overseas countries (where most cities are bike-friendly) is one of the best ways to “get close to the ground and meet the people…and reject the view from tour bus windows,” says renowned travel guide Rick Steves


In Weston, you can ride our bikes along the streets to see the well-known shops and restaurants, but also our charming homes, historic churches, beautiful City Park, and other tucked-away treasures. Out on the trails, you’ll experience the loud, proud song of the train as it races along the train tracks just below. You’ll hear birds singing and spot wildlife darting through the woods. You’ll peek at the mighty Missouri River and maybe stop for a bit to enjoy the view over the river valley.


Just a few minutes pedaling up the trail brings you to a place that is truly away from it all. Slow down (or speed up!) to whatever pace seems just right. Say hello to fellow bikers and hikers. Enjoy the bluffs of Platte County and the Weston Bend State Park in the best way possible.

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Voted Favorite Day Trip - Visit KC Visitors Choice Award
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